About Sports Dating UK

Dating and relationships are about love, understanding, companionship and most of all sharing and enjoying the same or similar lifestyles to your partner. A relationship built on shared hobbies and lifestyles is bound to be more fulfilling that one with polar opposite views of life. Imagine being a fit and active person who enjoys running, walking and other active hobbies going out with a partner who would rather spend all his or her free time in the pub or in front of the TV- It wouldn't last long!

Sports Dating UK was set up to bring singles who enjoy an active life together. Whether it be playing a sport such as tennis or football or an outdoor physical activity such as walking, climbing, or even spending time in the gym, Sports Dating is a great place to meet people with a similar interest in sports.

Most members of Sports Dating UK engage in one or more physical activity every week and they are quite keen to meet other singles who love to lead an active lifestyle. We have hundreds of members nationwide so you are bound to find a single man or woman you may be compatible with in your locality. It does not cost anything to register and upload your profile.

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