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Satnam Singh Bhamra – the next Yao Ming in NBA?

November 12th, 2010 No comments

Some say size matters when it comes to NBA, some say it does not matter at all while the skills are those that make a good basketball player. Almost every year a new really tall person makes its way in the media being promoted as a future brilliant player but once they reach NBA things change in a bad way.

Satnam Singh Bhamra seems to be an exception as it is the first Indian player to be ever considered as a NBA player. With over 1 billion population, India did not manage to send to NBA a player but things seem to be on a changing road. Scouts are already after this 14-year-old boy that has already reached 7-foot tall. And 7-foot at 14 is something not so usual, even in the NBA world.

IMG Basketball Academy director, Dan Barto said about Satnam that has all the skills and “features” to be a fantastic basketball player and he has a great potential that they will gladly develop. And what other great feature one might find at a basketball player than its size? And when you are a 7-foot at 14 years things are not ending here while the body develops for years after that age. His conformation is already looking very mature with broad shoulders, large hands and thick chest and with a good working schedule in the next five years he could become a great NBA player.

Could Satnam be the next Yao Ming for the NBA? Only time will tell while in the end, it all depends on his work, dedication and his body development.

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