Fancy A Date Canoeing Down A River?

Fancy A Date Canoeing Down A River?

Sports Dating is a popular dating site where water sports singles who love canoeing and kayaking can meet and date. Canoeing down a river or on the ocean can be a calm and tranquil affair, but it can also be classed as an extreme sport with white water rapids and waterfall drops to contend with.

There are so many places to canoe in the UK and what better way to enjoy your pastime than with a date and potential partner. If you register for free with Sports Dating, you can search our database of canoeing lovers by area, sport category, or recent activity.

If you love canoeing or kayaking and you're single then Sports Dating is definitely a great place to start looking for a new water sports love interest.

Dating Site For Single Canoeists. A Better Match!

Canoeing is an ancient form of transport on water. In the last hundred years canoeing and kayaking has developed into an extremely popular sport and hobby.

It is a relatively easy sport to enjoy, and if you can't afford to buy the canoe then there are plenty of hire centres around. For those who are really brave then a slalem course will be familiar territory and this sport is enjoyed by spectators too at both local level and competition level.

Canoeing and kayaking can be enjoyed as part of a group or alone, it's also an Olympic sport, but one of the best ways and some would say 'romantic ways' to enjoy canoeing is in a two man boat down a river. With this in mind then why not think about searching for a canoe partner at Sports Dating. It's more fun with two people and you can share experiences and travel the world to canoe or kayak some of the great rivers and oceans.

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You can join Sports Dating free of charge! You'll need to create your profile and tell other Sports Dating members which sports float your boat, if your main fitness activity is canoeing or kayaking then it's likely this is what you'll be looking for in your activity partner. It's a great opportunity to name a few places where you've canoed before.

It's equally important to post some photos of yourself, obviously, you'll need a clear picture to show your face but this is also an opportunity to show potential activity partners you in full canoeing action. This is a great way to generate more interest from a partner or date.

It's easy to join Sports Dating UK, so why wait any longer? There's a network of other sporty singles on Sports Dating who share your passion for canoeing so sign up and see who you could meet with a fitness affinity.