Are You Surfing Crazy & Single? Try Sports Dating!

Are You Surfing Crazy & Single? Try Sports Dating!

Sports Dating is a dating site specifically for people interested in sports. Our database is growing with UK singles who have a passion for sport.

Many Sports Dating singles are into surfing and other similar water sports. If you register for free with Sports Dating, you can browse the many profiles in our large database and seek out and meet other singles with a love of surfing.

Britain has some great coastline for surfers to make use of throughout summer and winter, it's a great sports activity and people young and old enjoy battling the waves on their surf boards or body boards. Cornwall is popular with Fistral Bay in Newquay, as is The Gower Peninsular in Wales. Ireland is said to have the best coast line for surfing in the UK.

Would You Share Your Surf Board With A Lover?

Surfers are often part of a community with their own rules, language and style. From clothing to music and the love of the ocean. Wetsuits and wax is where it's at!

With Sports Dating you have the opportunity to meet other surfers who are single and who are looking for relationship or love, imagine heading out to the beach on a Saturday morning with your new found love and anticipating sharing the same waves with someone who you can share a beer and a cuddle with later on in the evening.

There are plenty of surf championships in the UK to follow, and heading off with a partner to either watch or participate is all the more fun. Whether you like body boarding, surfing or even paddle boarding, having a partner who understands the feeling of being at one with the elements when out on the ocean is a big plus in hitting it off long term as you'll always have that common interest to share together. If you're catching a tube, waxing your longboard, discussing a wipeout or the day's surfing, having a surf partner is going to make your hobby more enjoyable.

Join for Free and meet the Surfer of your Dreams!

You can join Sports Dating free of charge! You'll need to create your profile and tell other Sports Dating members which sports float your boat, if your main sport is surfing then it's likely this is what you'll be looking for in your Sports Dating partner. It's a great opportunity to tell potential dates which beaches you've surfed and brag about the waves you've ridden.

It's equally important to post some photos of yourself, obviously, you'll need a clear picture to show your face but this is also an opportunity to show potential partners you in your element whether it's on the beach or on the waves. This is a great way to generate more interest from a partner or date.

It's easy to join Sports Dating UK, so why wait any longer? There's a network of other sporty singles on Sports Dating who share your passion for surfing, so sign up and see who you could meet with a sports affinity.